Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Phil Woolas... oh, yeah, of course!

Phil Woolas, the disgraced Labour MP whose election was overturned by the electoral commission because he claimed his opponent sympathised with terrorists, rang bells. In my mind - in the darker part of my mind where the less important but nevertheless marked names go - he rang bells. And then I happened upon where from - he was the MP who Joanna Lumley embarrassed.

About a year ago, Lumley doorstepped the MP over government plans to deport Gurkas - she wanted them granted full citizenship and for them to be entitled to a state pension. She caught him on some stairs at the BBC and extracted promises from him that the Gurkas would be treated with the respect due soldiers who had fought for this country.

Woolas was the guy who, faced with the glare of the lights and the glittering Joanna Lumley in full Boudicia mode, gave promises he had no right to give, who tried to weasel out of the situation - he was the guy with the deer in the headlamps bewildered smile and the creepy little voice.

He will not be missed.

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