Monday, 4 June 2018

Predicting the Presidential Divorce

A lot is made of the simpering acquiescence to Trumpism of the religious right-wing of the Republican Party in America. Commentators wonder at their ability to compartmentalise President Donald Trump's incredibly poor character and undisputed record of lies and promiscuity, away from their purported faith.

"He's not President Perfect", they say, before dismissing the question of his moral character as irrelevant, because "Voters knew this before the election."

With the fading, and since May 10th the outright disappearence, of Melania Trump from public view, coinciding with developments in court cases revolving around President Trump's promiscuity,
with the announcement that she has decided not to join him for his trip to Singapore, or at the upcoming G7 summit, people have been given to wonder if the former model has finally had enough of her husband's lies and promiscuity?

Lies and promiscuity are, afterall, his two main moves in a relationship, as has been shown in his two previous marriages. But if FLOTUS decides to remain a ghost for the rest of his term, or even if she outright leaves him, does anyone really think the so-called "religious right" would take her side?

Take the side of a woman against her husband?! Are you kidding me?! "The faithless harlot should stand by her man!", they'd say, "She's one of them immigrants! Really, if she can't satisfy her husband it's no wonder he has to go running to all-American gals like Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, or that he's led astray by a temptress like Summer Zveros: he's only human, after all!"

They would find a way to justify it to themselves, and maintain their veneer of religious pomposity, while utterly abrogating any core value they might purport to hold. I'd be surprised if these same arguments hadn't been muttered quietly in oh-so-publicly pious households in the Bible belt.

I can't say that Melania Trump is going to leave her husband, or simply refuse to appear with him in public (which some would say amounts to the same thing). I can't say if she's silently protesting that, on the very same day she released her 'Be Best' anti-bullying campaign, the Trump policy for seperating immigrant mothers from their children was announced, or if she just couldn't take being called 'Melanie' by her husband on Twitter.

Only a fool looks for reason in the human heart and, though I can see a good few reasons for her to take umbrage at his behaviour, her reaction is hers alone.

My interest is in saying, ahead of time, by way of prediction and perhaps innoculation, that this is the way things will go if she really has had enough:

The faithless, cynical cabal that is the religious right will attack her as above: for being an immigrant, for not standing with her man, for not satisfying him, for betraying him to the MSM deep state gay Jewish Hispanic liberal activist judges and the Muslim Brotherhood.

They will do this because they do not believe in God; they are radicals, who each believe they are Christ, or are Christ's chosen, and thus they are above the law of man and of God. 

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