Friday, 20 May 2011

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly Republican Lawmaking

This is how debate on a Voter ID bill in Wisconsin ended yesterday. The bill is designed to make it harder to register to vote because first time voters tend to vote Democrat.

Republicans are systematically dismantling the ability for Democrats to get elected in the state of Wisconsin. Not only are they passing a bill that means you can't register to vote unless you have you have a photo ID handy, but they have also taken away the collective bargaining rights of unions in the state, who are the chief fundraisers for the Democratic Party. They have also stripped the powers of the last Democrat with any power in Wisconsin, the Secretary of State, and given those powers to the Governor. The Secretary of State was not allowed to debate the move, nor was he allowed to speak on it in the State senate.

Also part of this Voter ID bill: period you have to live in a district to be able to vote there has been tripled; the length of time absentee voters have to get their ballots in has been halved; 20% of Wisconsin residents do not have the particular photo ID required to vote. All of these measures will hurt the Democrat vote.

Add the Citizen's United case, which allowed unlimited corporate donations to political campaigns through 'Super Political Action Committees' (some of which only have a handful of donors worth millions and millions) and it is clear the Republican's are playing hardball.

Unfortunately, as has been well documented by many, especially Jon Stewart, Democrats are pussies. So they get fucked (in the parlance of Team America).

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